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Tuesday, 3 January 2012

G1 Supreme League Patch 2012 (G1SL) Season 1.0 AIO + Season 1.1 -Patch pes 2012 for a local club and national team Indonesia, namely G1 Supreme League Patch 2012 (G1SL) dari Gururupa Indonesia.


  • Standalone patch, will not make any conflict with any patch that already been installed
  • Have own PES2012.exe, Kitserver folder & Save folder
  • Launcher for G1 Supreme League (G1SL) 2012
  • Add Indonesia, Malaysia & India National Team (Replace New Zealand, Jordania & Syria)
  • Indonesia, Malaysia & India are playable nationality in Football Life mode
  • Indonesia's Anthem
  • Update timnas squad (selection squad)
  • Update timnas face 98%
  • Update team ISL & IPL
  • Update Launcher
  • New scene video intro (bumper)
  • New scene video head menu
  • Indonesian sponsors in Football Life mode
  • Fix fake League & Team names
  • Fix fake team kits
  • Remove fake Player in National Teams
  • Add Indonesia Premier League teams in PES League
  • include DLC 1.0 & 1.03 exe
  • Replace WEPES boots with licensed boots (Adidas, Nike & Reebok)

  • Have been installed PES 2012.
  • If you've never installed this patch G1SL, before install please delete folders G1SERVER Launcher + DLL.
G1 Supreme League Patch 2012 (G1SL) Season 1.1

  • Fix OF compatibility with DLC 2.00
  • Fix some player bugs
  • Fix Gururupa Bootpacks (in launcher) to be compatible with new DLC
  • Update Indonesian Leagues Logos, Kit , Face & Player Callnames
  • Add 12 Indonesian Stadium

  • G1SL2012 season 1.0 installed (correctly) | Harus udah install G1 Supreme League Patch 2012 (G1SL) Season 1.0
  • Re-Apply OF Settings in Launcher (select OF Indonesia or OF Europe again)
  • Re-Apply Gururupa Bootpacks in Launcher
Alghozali, aliep, anak baik, Ankgie, Anri Januar, ardhy_child, artt, Ayiep, bakero_133, Billy.D04nk5, da_cott, Des!m@l, Dolphin™, edjankrik93, evolancer, Feirha, fizh_barca, hafizgnx, karokgnet1412, kornetbeef, leces, maxious, metay, Muhamad Onny, Nabil24, onetkun, panKIDrockz, pcsixer, porskyvic, R13Z, raito_kun, R4m130, rendrasatria, shand68, ujangendut, VALKYRI, van Reed, wiragian, xocang, yrdnariv.

Wiradhana & Balarupa for all supports

anhtaidatquang, aPESsionato, Astracell, CGF, Christos-94, ciputhegooner, Cuky, EDXZ101, genko06, Gerlamp, HenriikeTW, Jontho, Kakakamal09, KO, KVV_110, lukaz111, MIKI13SZYCE, mstar1, PATe, PEStinatoR, Prame33, Salman, SMPatch, Severus, SuKBoy, Thorondor, Tottimas.

Barcafan (PES 2012 Ultimate Editor & PES Ultimate Data Explorer),
jenkey1002 (PES2012 Video Converter),
Juce (Kitserver 12),
Michal17Widzew (Boot Changer 2012),
neogeo64 (PES2012 OF Decryptor),
obocaman (GGS),
stranxk (SBP3),
youniss & sening (SFD file convert).

and our beloved peoples.

Credit to uploader (IDWS) "iceddeath".

Homepage :

Password :

Download G1 Supreme League Patch 2012 (G1SL) Season 1.0 AIO

Download G1 Supreme League Patch 2012 (G1SL) Season 1.1


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