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Friday, 6 January 2012

Anti Deep Freeze Collections 2012 -

Anti Deep Freeze Collections 2012 | 6 Mb
If you modify system files or download new software via a computer that Deep Freeze is installed applications, then these activities will automatically be canceled after the computer restarts.

So let's say you go to a cyber cafe (Warnet) and download multiple files and computers used to use Deep Freeze, then once the computer is turned off and turned on again, your files will be deleted automatically and the computer will return to its original condition as when first you turn it on.

Take it easy ... here I'll share a small utility called Anti-Deep-Freeze, in which this tool can automatically stop the process of Deep Freeze is active and will help you download anything again without any worries.

Adapun Anti Deep Freeze Collections 2012 Berisi :

Anti Deep Freeze v.01
Anti Deep Freeze v.02
Anti Deep Freeze v.03
Anti Deep Freeze v.04
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