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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Microsoft Windows 8 CORE Final Retail (x86) English Untouched -
Microsoft Windows 8 CORE Final Retail (x86) English Untouched

As we already know, that the Windows 8 operating system was released with several versions. In this article which will koskomputer share was CORE Final Retail version and of course its aktivatornya. For this time I hope all friends are no longer questioned and discussed on Final Retail, RTM and Build xxxx, the following is an explanation that I got from a reliable source (more precisely uploader Windows8 core pro yesterday and was) to find that questions about Final Retail and RTM.

Look man, for that version after installing updates it becomes GDR. And i've explained this before "RTM Version from MSDN Is the final version" fully final from microsoft. RTM is the Final Version but when i say retail that means it's burned on a cd and is being sold with a serial number on the cd. When i upload this CD on the net from the cd now it is called RTM.
What i'm saying is shown in the image above ,, here is somethin' else
here is a screenshot from REGEDIT the most trusted version on the net that is a copy from the original Microsoft cd
What is shown here is RTM Version ,, but in fact it's Final Retail version
Here is A Screenshot again form a copy of a Microsoft win 8 Cd ,, it is Arabic version x64 and it is only 2.4 GB
RTM Version again ,,, so what i'm trying to say is RTM Is The Final from Microsoft (fully final) but waiting for update To Become GDR ,, The Copy of Microsoft Cd Is Also Waiting for update to become GDR ,, Here is A Screenshot after updating : (it was a screenshot form pro version don't worry they're the same)
So Please Stop Asking About RTM AND FINAL RETAIL ,, Don't Ask Also About BUILD 9250 THERE IS NOTHING CALLED BUILD 9250


Link download

1 GB / Part Mirror via BillionUploads

200 MB / Part Mirror via Hulkshare
200 MB / Part Mirror via Sharebeast
200MB / Part Mirror via BillionUploads
Rar password:

1. Unpack
2. Burn Image ISO
3. Install
4. Use Activator to Activate windows 8 core
5. Enjoy

* If you download from Hulkshare, rename parts extension after downloaded complete.
Example: Name_file.rar.mp3 to Name_file.rar

1. Hulkshare, Sharebeast & BillionUploads 200 MB Interchangeable links
2. Total parts:
    BU = 3 / 1GB
    HS = 13 / 200 MB
    SB = 13 / 200 MB
    BU2 =13 / 200 MB
3. Total file   : 2.45 GB


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