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Tuesday, 28 February 2012

SpeedFan :: Frequently Heat Your Laptop? Use This Software -

Some of you must often use a computer or laptop in a very long time, whether you use it for work, study or just play games. The longer you use a laptop terserbut the temperature will be getting up (Heat). Hot temperatures in the laptop of course you are allowed to continue could result in not good and could be dangerous.

Actually, something like this could be easily remedied, simply by replacing / adding an external fan that has a rotation speed (RPM) is higher. Unfortunately this is not an easy path applied to the type of portable computer (laptop), or on a desktop computer.

If you have this, the road can be reached only by maximizing existing facilities, is to set the fan to work with maximum speed, of course, with the help of third party software, which is SpeedFan.

SpeedFan is a program that serves to monitor voltages, fan speeds and temperatures in computers by using existing hardware sensors. SpeedFan can even access SMART information and show hard disk temperatures (including SCSI drives). While the main features of SpeedFan is to set the fan rotation speed of the computer (Proccessor, GPU, Chipset) to conform to the wishes and circumstances.

In essence, with the help of SpeedFan software is expected to set the fan rotation is in your laptop in order to cope with the heat. Here's how to use and maximize SpeedFan:

Open SpeedFan that you install and then click the Configure button.
     Select Fan Control menu.
     Select (tick) Advanced fan control.
     Click the 'Add'. This will display the new window to create the profile settings.
     Select the profile (newly created) that are listed there.
     Select (tick) Controlled speed.
     Select the desired type of sensor (there could be more than one type, depending on the computer used).
     Select 'MAX of speed' in order to limit the maximum speed of the fan using as a reference.
     Temperatures on section, click the 'Add'. This will display the new window to select the desired type of sensor. Choose only one of the most high sensor temperature readings (temperature of each sensor can be seen on the main display SpeedFan).
     Click on the temperature sensor.
     At this table, we can decrease or increase the desired temperature range for the fan is working at maximum speed (100%). Then click the 'OK'.

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