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Thursday, 29 December 2011

WizardSoft Net Meter Pro v7.01 | Crack, Serial Number Full Version -Net Meter is a private network monitoring application that allows governing the use of bandwidth, the IP address changes, data transfer statistics weekly / monthly and upload and download speed.

With the Pro Net Meter v7.01 MA Mania can set a quota limit of data transfer and receive a warning when the quota limit is reached, the graph of real-time network traffic and report long-term view with 3D graphics.

There was also a feature to synchronize your PC's clock with the server online time, export to csv format and on-demand upload / download counter.

After installing Pro Net Meter v7.01 crack and use it then it will be a Full Version.

In order for Net Meter always full version and not be a trial then after using crack advised to turn off the automatic update feature on the setting of Pro Net Meter v7.01.

Its way to the Pro Net Meter v7.01 click "Settings" menu. Then on the "Check for updates" select "Never". By changing the standard setting to "Never" then the Pro Net Meter v7.01 will not be a trial.

After the install and then test to download and there is little difference between calculation speed of the software download counter default isp modem with download counter of Pro Net Meter v7.01 software. Where the Pro Net Meter v7.01 download counter higher results.


 WizardSoft Net Meter Pro v7.01,Crack, Serial Number Full Version



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